1.Registration & Login FAQ

1.1. How Do I Sign Up?
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1.3. Why Do I Have to Sign Up to Use Global Communication Leader?
1.4.How to change my user account information?
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2. Setting up a Newsroom

2.1 Do I have to create a pressroom to publish press releases?

3. Publishing A Press Release

3.1. How do I submit a press release?
3.2.What is your proper press release format?
3.3.What are "DO NOT ACCEPT" press releases by Global Communication Leader?
3.4.Does my Video or attachments get distributed?
3.5.Can I make changes to my press release before it is released?
3.6.What happens if I edit my press release on the day of the release?
3.7.How long will my press release stay on Global Communication Leader Press Release?
3.8.Do you support twitter tweets?
3.9.How to delete my press release?
3.10.How can I edit my press release?
3.11.How to upload and / or link image to my press release?
3.12.Do you accept HTML anchor links in the press release?
3.13.Do you reject and /or delete press release?
3.14.Who do I contact about a press release on the site?
3.15.How do I embed Facebook and Twitter streams into my press release?
3.16.What kind of contact information does Global Communication Leader require?
3.17. What does SEO mean?

Global Communication Leader Press Release Submission Guidelines

Our goal at Global Communication Leader is to help you gain visibility for your company.
To remain a trusted source for search and journalists; the news releases we publish must meet certain quality guidelines.
Following these guidelines helps you create a message that better resonates with journalists, influencers, potential customers, and strategic partners.

Press Releases Published On Global Communication Leader Must:
Does the release utilize responsible linking?
Dos and Don'ts of a Good Press Release
How to Write a Good Press Release
24 Killer Press Release Secret